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Cardiff pupil donates prize money to charity in an act of festive giving

You may remember an ambitious group of Cardiff students who recently took centre stage, and won, at the annual First Give awards held at the Senedd representing St Illtyd’s Catholic High School.  The group were inspired by ‘Keep Wales Tidy’ and campaigned to cut plastic waste.

Student Ffion Morris recently won First Give’s Soap Box Challenge, in aid of Teenage Cancer Care, which involved Ffion speaking in front of a camera in front of a large audience at the Senedd, highlighting a local issue that she feels passionate about. Ffion’s choice was ‘litter’.

Shewon the competition and was awarded £200 prize money which she generously decided to donate to ‘Keep Wales Tidy’, continuing the students hard work with the initiative.

Lloyd Rowe, Lead Practitioner and Head of Welsh Baccalaureate St Illtyd’ssaid: “We are so proud of our students who have worked continuously for a cause they truly believe in. It has been a pleasure to be involved in the programme with First Give for both staff and students.

“Ffion’s decision to donate her recently won prize money to ‘Keep Wales Tidy’ is amazing. She could have spent the money on anything she wanted this festive season, her choice is one that we couldn’t be prouder of.”

Ffion Morris, year 10 student at St Illtyd’ssaid, “I’m so pleased to have won the Soap Box Challenge. The competition was in aid of Teenage Cancer, so I decided that my prize money should also go to a good cause, so I wanted to donate it ’Keep Wales Tidy’ and continue to help them cut plastic waste and keep where we live clean and tidy.”