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Latest advice on access to schools

Education Minister Kirsty Williams has clarified the position in Wales

Following the Prime Minister’s message last night that the UK will ‘lockdown’, the Minister for Education in Wales has released a statement to clarify its position. 

The children of key workers who still require access to schools and childcare will continue to do so, but the advice remains that if children can be kept at home, they should be.

The Minister has urged all parents to ‘only use schools or childcare as a last resort’.

Last night, Kirsty Williams, Minister for Education said:

I’d like to thank parents for listening to the advice and keeping most children at home. I’d be grateful if tomorrow morning you only use schools or childcare as a last resort.

The advice has not changed as a result of tonight’s decision to further restrict movement, which our First Minister, along with other UK leaders took with the sole aim of slowing the spread of coronavirus.

Children should be at home wherever possible, critical workers will still need to have safe care arrangements for their children.  Our schools and childcare settings are providing a vital service to support critical workers and our most vulnerable children.

Those involved in the current arrangements looking after children should continue. Many thanks to our amazing teaching and childcare professionals for their commitment in this time of national need.

This situation will continue for the immediate term but we will be reviewing with healthcare professionals, local authorities and our teaching unions.