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These are just some of the tech bargains to be had at the Cardiff Computer Fair

Cardiff Computer Fair promises bargain-priced tech and computer hardware

Once a regular scene in Cardiff, computer fairs were all the rage back in the 90s and early 00s. However, over the years as technology has enabled accessing hardware and gadgets even easier and cheaper over the internet, these computer fairs had made themselves redundant in effect.

At a time when friendships are made and broken over the internet, it’s great to see a return of such events, even if they still remain a rare sight. It brings people together, whether you are a hardcore computer or tech fan, or just a bargain hunter.

The Cardiff Computer Fair promises discount tech including computer hardware such as 4K Ultra HD Televisions, Laptops, Apple MacBook Pros and iPads will be on sale.

If you’re attended one of these events before, you should note the new venue. Usually held at Cardiff City Stadium, this weekend’s event will be held at the Village Hotel Cardiff.

Shoppers are being advised to arrive early to grab the best deals.

These are some of the highlights from past events organised by Premier Computer Fairs:

iPads on display at discount prices
Latest gaming tech on display
A range of HD televisions
Gaming tables and gadgets
a line of MacBook Pros for sale
This looks really cool, even if I don’t really know what it does

What’s on offer?

Savvy shoppers and tech enthusiasts can expect to find a full range of computers, laptops, gadgets and many other electronics at “internet-beating prices”, according their Facebook page – Cardiff Computer Fair.

  • Samsung 40” LED Televisions from £100
  • Apple Macbooks from £200
  • Apple iPads from £89
  • Student laptops from £70
  • Apple iMacs from £219
  • Gaming PC’s from £250
  • Extreme Gaming PC’s from £1000
  • i7 Gaming laptops from £300

For those that take their gaming seriously, there will also be plenty of graphic cards including, “Nvidia Geforce 2080, 1060, 1070, AORUS GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti Waterforce Xtreme, AMD Graphics from RX 550 to RX580, latest AMD Ryzen CPU’s, INTEL CPU i7 Coffee Lakes, and Kabylakes!”

The story of NASA's Welsh hero who helped put man on the moon

Although I can’t begin to imagine what that is without Googling it, the event promises plenty of electronics including televisions, iPads and PCs – which luckily, I do understand. So, where as these events used to be attended by tech-savvy individuals, some may even call them “geeks” (but it’s OK, I put myself in that category too), it’s much more than that. Everyone is welcome at these events.

Technology has come a long way over the years, especially in terms of price, I still remember by first modem costing almost £1,000… I’m sure I still have the receipt somewhere! These events give consumers the chance of picking up a real bargain.


Doors open this Saturday 24th November, 10am-3pm and the venue has plenty of FREE car parking!


Village Hotel, 29 Pendwyallt Rd, Cardiff CF14 7EF