Liam Masurier

Young Call Handler wins prestigious Control Room Award

Liam Masurier joined the Welsh Ambulance Service as a Call Handler for NHS Direct Wales in September 2017, aged just 21.

Having joined from the retail sector, Liam has been praised for using a host of transferrable skills, including excellent communication, customer care and team working, to support patients across the country.

His drive and passion have seen him excel in many areas, including as the top performing call handler in his team.

He has consistently demonstrated his ability to identify emergency situations and obtain appropriate and timely help for patients.

One such example was a patient who rang reporting dental pain when, in fact, he was having a heart attack. Liam used his questioning and listening skills and, following training and protocols, identified the seriousness of the man’s condition.

Liam recognised the need for medical intervention and the patient was sent to A&E. Three weeks later the man called Liam to thank him for saving his life.

The judges said:  “Liam’s passion for his role really shines through and he is a thoroughly worthy winner.

“We were impressed with all Liam has achieved in such a short time and by how he used his skills to ensure a caller, who didn’t realise he was having a heart attack, received urgent medical intervention. That man believes Liam saved his life – a great example of the amazing work of control room staff.”

Chris Powell, Area Manager for NHS Direct Wales at the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust, said: “This is a fantastic achievement for Liam. The ‘Young Achiever of the Year Award’ recognises his contribution to our service and he is a deserved recipient.

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“Liam is not only dedicated and passionate about his profession as a call handler but is a kind and caring person too. I know the award will mean a lot to him and his family and he should enjoy and treasure it.”